A. The Minimal Cost Method

This is the method prescribed in the Brand/Life Marketing Do-It-Yourself manual for health pros on a budget, or those of you who just like to do everything on your own.


Step 1: Get an email newsletter system

Most email newsletter systems cost between $10-$30 per month.

There is a free option however, called MailChimp, which allows you to send emails to a list of up to 2000 people for free. (after that, you’ll have to pay… sorry.)


Step 1B: Create a list in your email newsletter system for your opt-in campaign

List Name: Landing Page Leads, Free Giveaway Leads, Newsletter Sign Ups, 8 Week Run Group, etc.

Everyone who signs up for your free gift will go into this list.

(FYI – you can create as many lists as you want for as many campaigns as you try!)


Step 2: Create a Free Offer

You must have an exciting free offer to give to leads in exchange for their permission to email them.

This is how you start your relationship with your leads on the right foot.

You show them your value.

Make a free download that your lead will receive after they enter their name and email address and submit it to you.

You can create a free video, ebook, or pdf with valuable health related information, or you can even just use Mark Macdonald’s 8 Week Run Detox plan.

TIP: Keep it short, simple and on brand. No one wants to read your 100 page autobiography.

For a list of the Most Clicked Free Giveaways, download Ryan’s list for IDEA attendees here (it’s FREE TOOL #5).


Step 3: Create a Sales Page and Opt-In

This is what ties everything together – a landing page with powerful images and text and an irresistible opt-in offer.

A landing page is a web page that presents your brand and giveaway in the best light possible.

The Opt-In is a form where the lead puts his name and email and agrees to let you email him/her in exchange for the free gift.

Most people would need programming knowledge to create a landing page and opt-in form, but not any more!

We use and highly recommend LeadPages, a system designed to instantly build effective landing pages and opt-in forms with no programming needed.


LeadPages will host the pages and forms for you. All you have to do is put the link to your sales page on your social media pages and in your emails to leads.

And if you already have a website, you can upload the landing pages right on to your site.

The best part: you can upload your free giveaway document into LeadPages and it will send it to your leads for you automatically.

LeadPages connects directly to all the most popular email newsletter systems, including MailChimp and a dozen others.

It’s perfect plug-and-play internet marketing at its best.


Step 4: Follow Up

Once people sign up for your offer, make sure you have an autoresponder message in your email newsletter set up to say “Thank You!”

Then make sure you are sending out high quality content every month to build your brand and your relationship with your list.

Did you start with the Free 7 Day Detox plan? Tell them how to sign up for the next 8 Week Run with your team and Mark Macdonald.

This is the start of your sales funnel. Start strong!


B. The Custom Option

Need more personal assistance?

Don’t like to do-it-yourself?

Hire a web developer like Brand/Life Marketing to set it all up for you:

  • Website Hosting
  • Business Email Addresses
  • Email Newsletter System
  • Landing Pages
  • Opt-In Forms

We can design a custom landing page that can act as your temporary website, sales page, and opt-in. Learn more here>>

But whether you are a Do-It-Yourselfer or you want a custom design, LeadPages is our #1 Recommended Tool for creating your opt-ins and building your list.