changing the game of website development

Brand/Life Marketing takes you by the hand through all the most important steps of creating your online business and personal persona and connects you to a network of partners and products to take your business to the next level of profitability and success.

1. You Need A Website

You have a Facebook page. A LinkedIn profile. Maybe a Twitter, Instagram, or even a Pinterest page. But to truly take your business or personal brand to the next level, you have to have a place where it all comes together.

Your website is more than a business card. It is your brand ambassador, your 24 hour store front, your community manager, and your message of inspiration to the world.

Sure you can spend dozens and dozens of hours learning to build a website on your own, and then dozens and dozens of hours trying to troubleshoot it when it doesn’t all work. And then dozens more trying to add features to it that you later realize you can’t use because you didn’t build your site on the right framework. But why?

Your website should work for you, not the other way around.

Brand/Life will build a beautiful, professional, fully integrated site for you in a matter of weeks, not months, and you can finally be proud of the website on your business cards.

2. You Need To Promote Yourself

Every business and individual has something unique about them that makes them stand out from the crowd. We help you pinpoint exactly what that is, and tell you exactly how to market it to the masses. We get people excited about your expertise, your message, and your brand!

We give you all the tips, tricks, and strategies to make you and your brand shine.

We also have the professional network to connect you with high-powered partners that can take your brand to the next level. It’s time to shout it from the rooftops!

3. You Need To Build A Database

How BIG is your platform? That is the first question out of the mouth of anyone looking to partner with and promote great talent and ideas these days.

  • How many people know about you?
  • How many people will see your Facebook and Twitter posts?
  • How many people can you send an email to tomorrow?

We integrate your site with social media, contact management software, and newsletter software to capture followers and build your platform.

4. You Need To SELL!

Got 1000 email addresses? 2000 Facebook followers? You need to turn those numbers into momentum, and that momentum into profits with the right offers and strategic calls to action.

You also need products and partners to help you build a self-sustaining sales funnel. We bring those products and partners to you.

5. You Need It All To Connect

It’s not enough to have a website, or a Facebook page, or a newsletter, or a product, or a partner. It all has to work together, fire on all cylinders, and never stop growing.

Each piece of the puzzle is an entirely new skill set that can take years to master. Let us set it up right the first time, so you can grow your business and your brand.

Brand/Life Marketing: Your Brand, Your Life