To build your online business, you have to build your list.

Your list is everything.

It’s your leads, your customers, your feedback, your community, your fans, and eventually if you build it right, it can become your tribe.

It’s also your income.

But it all starts with an opt-in.

You must get visitors to give you their name and email address and permission to email them.

So how do you do it most effectively?

Some people simply have a sign up box on the side of their website saying: “Join Our Newsletter”.

Not very effective.

Most sites nowadays have gotten the message that they need to give you something for FREE to get you to sign up.

Much more effective.

But there are so many FREE offers now that a lot of people just skip them altogether.

Unless your free offering is something they actually want…


In today’s fast paced world of Twitter posts, Instagram likes, and Facebook tags, you have to give people what they want in bite-sized chunks.

Some people give away a whole book for free as their enticement to sign up on their site.

Reality Check: No one wants to take the time to read a whole book, or even a long report.

It’s not about the actual value of the book or free giveaway that matters, it’s the perceived value to the reader in that moment.

What do most readers want? Something short and sweet that makes them feel good.

What makes them feel good? Feeling like they can be as successful as the person they are reading about.


What is the number 1 most clicked type of FREE giveaway for an email newsletter opt-in?

Gear Guides!

For example, on a photography website, you could list your Top 10 Cheap Camera Equipment for Amazing Quality Shots.

Or on a real estate website, you could list the Top 5 Tools that Professional Real Estate Agents and Investors Use to Find Deals.

A fitness trainer might list their favorite must-have fitness equipment along with specific moves for each one.

The more unique and targeted towards your ideal client, the better.

  • Top 10 Lists
  • Gear Guides
  • Insider Information
  • Unusual Information (something with a twist)
  • A Quick Fix


Why are lists of tools and gear so irresistible to click on?

Because when we see someone who is successful at something, we imagine that if we just use the same tools that they are using, we will be able to improve our performance.

This is why teenagers buy Air Jordans and adults buy expensive golf clubs.

We believe that if we have the gear and equipment that successful people have, or even just their shoes, we will be successful too.

Tools and gear are also powerful because people love to buy things.

Shopping feels good. Even just window shopping.

Don’t think about what makes you look good, think about what would make them feel good.

When they read your list, they are imagining what they would be like if they bought these things.

Help them imagine something simple, positive and powerful.

See things from THEIR perspective.

It’s all about them.